Accessories Enrich the Experience

Listening is More Satisfying. Everywhere.

Our accessories enhance the effectiveness of hearing instruments in listening situations that people find most challenging.

Connect to satisfaction

At Healthy Hearing, we think accessories should enrich the hearing experience. They are designed to solve real listening challenges. They are simple and intuitive to use, and we make sure the natural sound quality our patients love carries through them, so listening is always a pleasure.

The majority of hearing instruments in our extensive portfolio have a range of accessories available to compliment them, adding to your listening experience. Please ask your Hearing Professional about your specific requirements and whether your existing hearing system is compatible.

Connect to the phone

Being able to hear on the phone is highly important to many hearing aid users. So why not have a dedicated hearing aid phone that acts as a totally normal phone when used by those not wearing hearing aids.

Connect to control – Remote Controls

Ideal for those who want more control over their listening experience. Discreetly and easily adjust volume and switch programs for customised listening in the moment.

Remote controls come in various styles depending on manufacturer and can be used anywhere at any time.

Connect to streaming

Enjoy direct connections to communication and entertainment devices in stereo sound and with maximum battery life.

Can be used on a variety of mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers, Bluetooth® and MP3 players. You will need to check compatibility, and in some cases doubles as a remote control.

Ideal for those who want discreet control of their hearing instruments and enjoy long periods of stereo streaming from their entertainment devices.

This process can now also be achieved without the need for a secondary device, many of the newest hearing instruments can connect directly to your media devices via Bluetooth®.

Connect to entertainment

Have sound delivered to your hearing instruments to make watching TV more enjoyable and entertaining.

The TV link is connected to the output of your TV or TV box. You can then control volume directly into your hearing aids.

Smart phone and Tablet Apps

If you have a ‘smart phone’ or tablet, you may be able to download an ‘app’ from the manufacturer which enables you to control many of your hearing aid’s features without need to carry around any additional equipment. These applications are normally free and enable user access to options such as volume control, program selections and on/off or mute functions. Of course you will still need to see your Audiologist for fine tuning and adjustments, especially if your hearing loss changes or your lifestyle dictates that you require additional support from your hearing aids.

Connect to conversations – Remote Microphones

Hear companions more easily in challenging environments with this personal wireless microphone system that streams audio to both hearing instruments.
Best used for lectures, presentations, noisy restaurants and in the car, remote microphones bring the speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aids, allowing you to hear single sound source in a challenging environment.

Fortunately connections and adjustments to accessories are totally free for Healthy Hearing users.

We may also be able to provide accessories and adjustments for clients coming to us from other providers. *

Although this page contains images of accessories from one manufacturer, we have a complete compliment of accessories to suit all of our hearing aids.

Ask your Hearing Professional for details of what will suit you when you see them.


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