Changing the Wax Filter In the Ear

‘No Wax’ Filters

Your replacement ‘No Wax’ filters are in an oval pack containing 6 small finger nail sized inserts.
Because of its shape, this is sometimes known as a ‘turtle’. Depending on the model you have, the turtle may be light blue or black in colour.

1. Remove one of the inserts. One end will have a barb on it, the other will have the white replacement ‘No Wax’ filter
2. Insert the empty barbed end squarely into the filter you are going to remove.
3. You do not need much pressure and should feel a gentle click
4. Pull the whole insert backwards which will then come away from the receiver outlet with the old ‘No Wax’ filter attached.
5. Turn the insert around and offer up the new ‘No Wax’  to the now empty receiver outlet. Push it squarely but gently into the receiver.
You should feel another small click as it locates.
6. Pull the insert backwards squarely leaving the new ‘No Wax’  in place, and discard the whole insert with the old ‘No Wax’ still attached.

If your hearing aid has a silicone dome, it will need to be removed before you can access the filter and must be replaced security before re-using your hearing aid.