G N ReSound Hearing Aids

There is a Smart Hearing aid for you

No two people have the same type of hearing loss.

Small, comfortable and powerful, ReSound’s hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of digital technology that can be tuned to suit your unique hearing needs.

Intelligent audio solutions that let you HEAR MORE, DO MORE and BE MORE than you ever thought possible.

ReSound Smart HearingTM aids use smart technologies to help you connect to the world around you, adapting to your life and your needs. They are removing the opportunity gap between people with and without hearing loss, and they’ll change the way you think about hearing aids.

Smart Audiology

Our philosophy is to do more than just make sound audible: we aim to bring your sound to life in a way that makes you forget you have a hearing loss. Sound is our science, nature our inspiration and Surround Sound by ReSound the name we have chosen for our unique sound processing philosophy

Smart Connectivity

Our goal is to remove the barrier that has arisen in our modern era where so many sounds and communication come from a distance (mainly via electronic devices) instead of from people close to you. We can help you stream all the sound that matters. With Made for iPhone and ReSound wireless accessories for our hearing aids, we can, in some cases, even give you hearing advantages over people without hearing loss.