Home Visits

Home Visits. Why are they so important? Many hearing care providers are located on the High Street in many major towns, indeed Healthy Hearing is no different with branches in the Midlands and South West and we also hold clinics in the premises of partner businesses but is a trip to town the ideal option for some people, especially in the winter months? The peace of mind that we will visit you or your loved one is always available at Healthy Hearing.

It’s not just as simple as the fact that we will still attend to our client’s hearing needs even if they are unable to travel, are housebound or in a care home or hospital….

….it’s the fact that sometimes the hearing system you try in the branch performs differently when you get them home; and companies who keep costs down by not providing home visits will always struggle to resolve an issue remotely.

What happens if something needs adjusting?

Consider the scenario: You have already had your hearing system a while and you decide to get a new TV or start a new hobby and as a result you need to have some specific adjustments to your Hearing Instruments…

Would you take your TV into the Audiologists office, or ask a family gathering or Bridge partners to join you at your appointment?

Of course not, and yet how can an Audiologist fully understand what adjustments you might need if the cause of the problem is at home, and you are in their office? With Healthy Hearing the problem is easily solved with a free home visit.

Accessories can be a lifeline but…

Are you comfortable enough with technology to link your TV or home telephone to your hearing system yourself?

Or would you prefer an expert to do it free of change in your own home?

Hear About Home Visits From Our Customers

Home visits are an extremely valuable part of our service. Watch the video to find out why

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