How We Make A Difference

What do we do?

Your Hearing Aid Audiologist’s unique skills cannot be replaced by technology. Almost anyone can click a few buttons and input basic settings into today’s hearing aids, but the true benefits of the modern computer technology can only be explored and captured for your listening pleasure by a skilled and caring Audiologist who truly understands your concerns and the hearing aids.
As you know, almost anyone can, kick a ball, be taught to drive a car or play a musical instrument, but only the very best can win titles, the Formula One Championship, or give a virtuoso performance.

So it’s not always what hearing system is initially prescribed, but it is always how well it is fitted. Following the simple fitting protocol is not nearly enough!

When deciding who to trust with your most vital sense, it pays to ensure that they fully understand yourrequirements and are fully conversant with not just one or two manufacturers but all of them. That way can prescribe the correct solution and then ensure it is set up properly.

How do we do what we do?

We employ the best Hearing Aid Audiologists, registered with the Health Care Professions Council, and fully qualified to prescribe and dispense hearing aids in the private sector. We then make sure they have access to the best training and manufacturer’s support in the business.

We back our Audiology team up with well trained, skilled and experienced branch receptionists and head office staff, who can not only book your appointments and keep you topped up with batteries, wax traps and domes. In many cases they can resolve your difficulties such as a broken hearing aid, by repairing it on the spot, without the need for an appointment.

If you are unable to get in we can often talk you through diagnosis and resolution over the phone or of course you can use our on line help text and how to videos to help you.

At Healthy Hearing we have a combined experience of over 125 years in Audiology that brings unrivalled expertise in the independent sector, and we enjoy dedicated support from every manufacturer – whose job it is to look after us and more importantly …our clients.

…..And we offer free lifetime after care and free home visits where required.

The most amazing part is that all of this service is available at a starting price of just £650 per aid!

Confidence of the Quality Outweighs the Pain of the Price