Fit and Remove Behind the Ear

Fitting a Behind the Ear hearing aid

Most users find it easiest to turn the hearing aid on (by closing the battery door) before they insert it into the ear. Note that by doing so you might not always hear the ‘start up tune’ that your hearing aid plays.

Before you begin, make sure you know which aid goes in which ear.


Grip the earmould ensuring that the tube is angled upwards.

Bring the mould up to the ear maintaining the orientation of the hearing aid.

Introduce the mould into the ear canal and use your thumb or a finger to push it gently into place. The perfect position is when the mould is tucked in underneath/behind the contours or the ear.

Pay particular attention to the ‘helix’ area, which is at the top of the earmould. The earmould fitting will be uncomfortable and the sound quality compromised if the helix portion is not fitted properly.

Carefully and slowly reach up to the electronic device, which will be hovering near the top of your ear.

Without pulling, rotating or twisting, ease it gently over the top of your ear. Be careful not to pull it so as to avoid pulling the mould out of your ear canal.

Gently firm  check the mould is snugly fitted all the way round the ear.


Unhook the electronic portion from behind your ear and then pull downwards and backwards to remove the mould from the ear. You might find it helpful to ease a finger behind the earmould to help remove it from the ear.

If you experience any discomfort during any of this process it is possible you are doing something wrong, pushing too hard, inserting too far or you have the aid in the wrong ear. Stop, check what you are doing and try again.

If in doubt seek help from your hearing professional