Changing RIC Batteries

Changing batteries

It is advisable to change batteries at a table or over a clean surface, at least until you get proficient.

The battery is located and held in place by a specially designed door. This is to be found at the bottom of the RIC or BTE style aid, and mounted in the face plate (the outer face) of a custom product. There will be a finger nail notch or a small raised area which allows you to open the battery door.

Depending on the make the battery will either remain in place when you open the door or will fall out readily. Note that the battery will have a positive and negative. The positive surface is flat and is the one with the sticker on when viewing a new battery. The negative surface has a step in it. When viewing a battery correctly placed in the battery door, you will note that it locates in a ridge that fits neatly round the step on the negative face. You must check the battery is correctly orientated in the door to avoid the possibility of damaging the body of the aid when closing the door, as well as to ensure the aid works correctly.

  1. Note its orientation and then remove the old battery from the door and discard. (batteries can be recycled at most supermarkets).
  2. Remove a fresh battery from the pack. (The access is usually at the rear of the pack)
  3. Depending on the size of the sticky tab, you can either remove the tab and put the new battery in the door or use the extended tab to help locate the battery and them remove the tab. The flat (positive) surface should be visible and flush with the edge of the door.
  4. Wait 30 seconds to allow the battery to charge with air then close the door.
  5. The door should close easily and the aid should begin to function normally after a few seconds
  6. If there is resistance closing the door or the aid does not work, check the orientation of the battery in the door. Also check that you have not accidently replaced the old battery into the aid. (An old used battery will have numerous small scratches on it).