What We Provide

Hearing Care is an Investment

Naturally the price of a hearing aid will vary depending on the specific style and high-tech features you choose or require, but the investment you make in your hearing goes far deeper.


Healthy Hearing is an independent hearing care provider, so naturally we have access to every hearing aid available in the UK today, which is important.  However the process of caring for people’s hearing needs is not just about providing the instruments. It’s not even just about having some of the highest qualified Hearing Aid Audiologists in the UK testing your hearing, prescribing the correct solutions and then properly setting them up for you… it’s so much more.

Providing a hearing care service rather than just selling hearing aids requires the skill of trained and dedicated Hearing Aid Audiologists. The professional services associated with the selection, fitting and care of hearing aids are  included as part of the cost. As part of that aftercare, you will  see your us for ongoing cleaning, maintenance and adjustments of your hearing aids. As well being part of the overall investment the ongoing care forms a crucial base for your complete and ongoing satisfaction.


Included in our service are regular full and thorough retests of your hearing, checks on your hearing health, for instance wax assessment, identification of abnormalities that may have developed since last we saw you, and of course fine tuning and adjusting of your hearing system on an ongoing and completely free basis.

If you develop wax in your ears we have qualified specialists in some of our centres who can remove it for a small fee – whether or not you are a client of Healthy Hearing.

Back up

If a hearing aid goes wrong – it can happen occasionally – we are able to resolve the vast majority of failures as soon as we see the hearing aids, and have excellent back up from our suppliers when a little more in depth investigation is required. This again includes all makes of hearing aids from all suppliers (although we regret, we are unable to advance this service to hearing aids the NHS have provided)

If you are struggling with a private system purchased elsewhere, please give us a try. We may be able to take you on as client and resolve your problems. There is no charge for giving advice and very often a distinct benefit gained from speaking to an independent provider whose only goal is to help the hard of hearing.