Behind the Ear

Functional and Good Looking

For users with dexterity issues or smaller ear canals, Behind the Ear hearing aids (BTE)  are a great solution.

There may be several reasons why a BTE is a better solution, such as the need to keep the electronic speaker (receiver) away from the ear canal that has regular infections, negating the  need to constantly clean the earpiece. Sometimes the  the physical size or shape of the ear canal  precludes a custom In the Ear style, or the canal is too narrow to fit even the smallest Receiver in the Canal dome.

All the electronic parts in the hearing aids are in the housing that sits behind your ear. A customised earmould and a tube directs sound into your ear. Some prefer to opt for the behind the ear style of instrument as they are easier to handle being slightly larger. They also take a larger battery, either a 13 or a 675 for the power BTE and you  can easily control volume and select programmes on most BTE’s. For those users who want an induction loop to hear well in a place of worship or a theatre, a BTE provides a good powerful solution

Today’s Behind the Ear solutions allow you to enjoy the more complete sound experience available in the smaller instruments, but with the benefits afforded by a larger behind the ear solution fitted to a custom made ear mould.All of the manufacturers we source from have an impressive range of behind the ear aids. Each is capable of delivering sufficient output to cope with a wide range of impairments including very mild losses, yet beyond that there are features specific to each aid that allows us to choose the one best suited to your needs. Our experts will be able to advise you based on your own hearing level and requirements. If you are very hard of hearing, or need a hearing aid that fits onto a larger mould as opposed to the more usual dome, the Power BTE style might be the solution for you.

It is important to note that the BTE style of hearing aid is not the same as the Receiver in the Canal (RIC) which is smaller, sometimes much smaller, using the 312 or 10 battery size.