Hearing Aids By Style

Which is the Best Hearing Aid?

Hearing aids come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and all sorts of styles and levels of sophistication. It is impossible to say which is the best type – there is no such thing.

As one very experienced Audiologist stated “You could have ten clients with exactly the same hearing loss, fitted with ten different hearing aids; or the same ten people with exactly the same hearing aid set up in ten different ways.

Prescribing the correct hearing aid is a very precise skill, and involves massive input from those with the hearing loss and those who interact with them.

At Healthy Hearing we offer a full compliment of hearing aid styles. The links below will take you to pages showing the various types, however your Hearing Professional will guide to towards the solution that best suits your needs.

Receiver in canal (RIC)

Fits behind or on the ear solution that uses a tiny speaker in the ear canal to deliver quality sound. This provides more natural sound and less occlusion, the  “blocked ear” sensation than a traditional BTE or ITE. Suits mild to severe hearing losses

Behind the ear (BTE)

Sits comfortably behind your ear, with sounds passing through a tube to an earmould that fits in your outer ear. Suits mild to profound hearing losses.

Custom made or In The Ear (ITE)

Nothing behind the ear, these instruments come in various sizes from ones that fit deep inside your ear canal, making them almost invisible, to those which fit in the  ear canal and are semi visible to the full shell that fits securely in your outer ear and provides sufficient space for extra options. The loss fitted will depend on the aid size.

Not all styles and technologies are appropriate for all hearing losses so there are also specialist fittings which cater for specific areas not dealt with by the instrument styles above.