Almost-Invisible Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aids

The Most Commonly Prescribed

These almost-invisible hearing aids are known by The Hearing Professional as either ‘RIC’ (Receiver in Canal) or ‘OTE’ (On the Ear). These instruments are smaller than the older Behind the Ear style that we associate with hearing aids of twenty to thirty years ago. They have a thin speaker wire that takes the corrected sounds down into the ear canal itself, delivered via a miniature speaker.

Miniature speakers locate directly in the ear canal that locates in the canal on a silicone dome or in some specific cases a small custom made tip.

Looks are deceptive

Every major hearing care provider will offer a range of RICs to their clients, though the design has been in existence for over ten years now the appearance has not changed much at all.

This can result in confusion as to whether the technology within some of these almost-invisible hearing aids RICs is up to date. Often a tell-tale sign is that the price is substantially cheaper than the average, meaning that the technology is out of date or that the ongoing aftercare is going to be lacking. It is, therefore, important to be sure that you have the very latest technology available to you, irrespective of the manufacturer you are prescribed to.

The almost invisible RIC format is preferred when you need to allow open ventilation to the ear canal or when the wearer experiences a blocked-up sensation when using other styles of hearing aids. Interchangeable silicone domes provide exceptional comfort as well as security in the canal. Other custom made tips can be prescribed if the hearing loss on ear dictates.

This invisible style of hearing aid is incredibly neat behind the ear, so much so that many clients originally looking for custom made hearing aids because of their perceived cosmetic appearance have found that the RIC style not only suits their audiological needs better but looks better too!

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