Vista T Hearing Aids

The innovations in Vista T have led to the creation of technologies that give you the natural sound you’ll come to love from our hearing aids.

We put our focus on sound quality so that sounds are clear and natural from the beginning. Our hearing aids are light, comfortable, barely noticeable, and we offer a variety of behind-the-ear styles that look great, but at the same time are discreet.

If You’re Having Trouble with Your Hearing, You’re Not Alone

  • 15% of the world’s adult population has some degree of hearing loss
  • 75% of adults with hearing loss are 65 years and younger
  • 95% of people with hearing loss can benefit from using hearing aids

Get back in the conversation

The background noise you experience in a restaurant is much different than the background noise on a busy street. Our Vista T hearing aids specialise in identifying unique types of background noise so your conversations do not have to be a struggle and can be more enjoyable.

Compare technology levels

The 510 level is the starting point. This is a manual product so you select programs to meet your needs as you move between different listening situations, but still has all the basics you would expect.

At the 610 level, there are 2 environments in the Auto Sound Control automatic program and a Binaural Phone is provided so you can hear telephone conversations in both ears.

At the 710 level, the Auto Sound Control automatic program comes with 5 environments where sounds begin to differentiate between types of conversation backgrounds. The hearing aids automatically know the difference between background noises, which helps you focus on conversations.

At the 810 level, we go binaural in our approach to speech in noise by including Binaural Spatial Processing to identify where speech is coming from and Speech Target to home in on speech from the front. Hearing aids work together to let you hear conversations in tough listening situations, and you also get binaural synchronization of music as the sixth environment in the Auto Sound Control automatic program.

With 910, all the above plus a 7th environment is included. Conversations in a small group and Speech Target 2 allows patients to clearly hear conversations from all directions by automatically focusing on conversations all around – not just in front of you. This allows the wearer to really be part of the room.

Taking the Next Step

The next step is to get in touch with one of our experienced and professional Audiologists. You can either book an appointment online, call us, or visit one of our branches across the country.